Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I wonder...

if the Reds could get LaRue through waivers and trade him to the Red Sox for one of their young pitchers. I would take any of them. I think they are going to be pretty desperate seeing Varitek going on the DL for a month. What are your thoughts?

Monday, July 31, 2006

Trade deadline post

First off, I feel like I need to apologize to everyone for not posting lately. I have not been feeling good and have spent a lot of time in bed lately. I have not been able to follow through on some of the things I have wanted to do but I am hopeful in doing those soon.

I am going to examine these trades seperately. I like the trade for Cormier. I do wish we wouldn't have given up Germano given our relative lack of pitching depth. I thought he could be our 5th starter down the stretch and now that looks like that could be Lohse. I wish we would've given up Burns, Michalak or Gosling cause it seems like none of these guys have a future in our organization, while Germano is still young and I believe held his own in his first major league start. Cormier is much older but has the best ERA in the NL at the moment. I think he is basically Mercker, which makes me wonder about Merckers health and what we do when he and Belisle and Claussen come off the DL. I guess we say goodbye to Shackelford and Standridge. Another guy out there is Balfour, but I'm not sure what is going on with him. I guess I need to check on that.

Now to the Lohse deal. I have liked him for some time now and think he is the definitive change of scenery guy. He has done much better since being demoted and being brought back up and pitching in the pen. I think he is going to be in our rotation or Belisle. It seems as though Belisle hasn't done well in the rotation if I remember correctly. It seems as though he has always done better out of the pen.

Well those are my thoughts. I like both of these trades. I do wish we could have kept both of the guys we gave up but it seems like this was a rough market to try to deal with. So far, with all of these moves that Krivsky has made, the only one that I really don't like is getting rid of Cody Ross. He would look really good as our 4th outfielder right now. Mays was a flyer as was Yan and they didn't cost us much. I do wish we would just release Mays. I would hate to think he has a future with us. I am very thankful that Krivsky didn't trade the farm for anyone. We still have all of our top prospects, (except Germano, who was a middle tier prospect anyway), including Votto who I thought was going to be gone after the Hatteberg resigning. I am glad to see Votto here and I hope he gets a September callup, although I'm not sure he will.

This is an exciting time to be a Reds fan. Under the previous regime, I'm not sure anything happens today. In Krivsky I trust. Go Reds!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thompson debut

Daryl Thompson made his debut for the GCL Reds last night. He started the game going 3.2 innings, allowing 2 hits with 0 runs, 1 walk and 5 strikeouts. Not bad in his debut. I think in a few years he might be in our rotation and one of the bigger names in this trade. I think this trade may have been more to get Harris, Bray and this guy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

All ye naysayers

Take a look at this list.

Antonio Alfonseca, Joe Borowski, Chad Bradford, Doug Brocail, Jim Brower,
Rheal Cormier, Vic Darensbourg, Octavio Dotel, Joey Eischen, Ala Embree,
Keith Foulke, Ryan Franklin, Aaron Fultz, Eric Gagne, Jeremi Gonzalez,
Jason Grimsley, Eddie Guardado, Chris Hammond, LaTroy Hawkins,
Dustin Hermanson, Roberto Hernandez, Mike Holtz, Kevin Jarvis, Steve Karsay,
Byung-Hyun Kim, Ray King, Steve Kline, Dan Kolb, Matt Mantei, Tom Martin,
Brian Meadows, Kent Mercker, Jose Mesa, Trever Miller, Guillermo Mota,
Terry Mulholland, Jeff Nelson, Darren Oliver, Troy Percival, Cliff Politte,
Mike Remlinger, Dennys Reyes, Arthur Rhodes, David Riske, Felix Rodriguez,
J.C. Romero, Julio Santana, Scott Sauerback, Scott Schoeneweis, Rudy Seanez,
Justin Speier, Russ Springer, Mike Stanton, Tanyon Sturtze, Mike Timlin,
Ron Villone, Jamie Walker, David Weathers, Rick White, Bob Wickman,
Esteban Yan

This is next years free agent class for relief pitchers. Anay names on there same very interesting or likely for the Reds. Most of the are retreds or will be out of our price range. Guardado, Mercker and Weathers are on this list also. I am hoping Guardado gets resigned but I'm not to sure about the other 2. I think they have almost outlasted their usefulness. As far as the above list goes, I like Franklin as a long reliever but I think he will be priced off of our team. I have always like Mota and Romero. I think Romero could replace Mercker. Other than that I don't think there is much out there to pick from. I don't know what everyone wanted Krivsky to do. The only way we were going to improve our bullpen was by making a trade or bringing someone up. I think if we had been out of contention, Krivsky would have brought someone up and not made this trade. I think this trade, of course, was made for this year. I have always heard that the year you win picks you and I would have to agree with that.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Drew Stubbs review from BBTF

This is what Baseball Think Factory thinks of our man Drew Stubbs. I love this site and go there often to get info.

Drew Stubbs #8
Crap swing. I reviewed his video more closely and discovered that his hands and his torso disconnect severely. In other words, his torso/hips/legs don’t really help him much in getting the bat moving towards the ball. When so much of the review is based on swing mechanics, it is easy to overlook the other parts of his game. OK, he looks like he’s a good athlete, so there’s hope. That said, I don’t like this pick here, not this high.

Grade: C-

Stubbs is hitting 247/374/370 in 92 plate appearances for the Billings Mustangs.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Venafro gone

This move confuses me too. Unless Venafro asked to be released, which I believe is possible after the trade the Reds just made, he might not see much of a future with this team. Venafro pitched in 36 games with a 2.45 ERA. He had 2 saves in 22 IP allowing 19 hits, 6 ER, 8 BB and 18 K. Not to shabby. Better than Standridge. I guess he is a 40 man casualty, but I could make an argument for removing Burns from the 40 man and adding Venafro. He's a lefty. He's a younger, cheaper version of Mercker. Goodbye Mike.

I'm confused

Hey all,
Sorry for not posting in a while. My life has been very busy lately. I am going to work on a prospect profile tomorrow and hopefully be able to do a couple a week. Anyway, the reason I am posting tonight is I have been sitting back and listening to what everyone has had to sat about "The Trade." And while I may have had some objections to it, I do approve of it. I loved Kearns. Still do. But Krivsky needed to do something and he addressed all of the weaknesses this team had, relief pitching and defense. I know Majewski hasn't started out that well, but I believe he will be fine. Bray looks awesome and Clayton is just Clayton. Has the offenese dropped off that terribly? I don't like Clayton or Castro playing everyday. I am almost hoping that Clayton tanks it and we bring Olmedo up. He has been hitting well and has done pretty well up here also. Narron needs to do a better job of managing this bullpen. If there are people out there that he is not comfortable with, we need to get rid of them. If Standridge isn't cutting it, then bring someone up. Narron can't keep calling on the same 3 guys. They won't have arms for the playoffs. I think this trade improves our team. We will make the playoffs I think. As the wild card. I still think Krivsky has another deal in the works. LaRue might be gone by now if Ross hadn't gone on the DL. I think we need to take a sigh, a deep breath, and let this trade play out. Go Krivsky and Go Reds.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Krivsky I trust

Well....I said this a few months ago and I guess now it is time to actually put faith into action. At first I hated this trade. Kearns is my favorite Red. I think we will hate the day we traded him, unless of course this group of players takes us to the playoffs, and possible World Series. Kearns will be an All-Star in the future. I knew someone would be traded, and someone that I might not necessarily want to see go and I was hoping it was Dunn. I think Kearns is a better overall player than Dunn. Oh well. I don't really care about Lopez or Wagner. Wagner may just need a change of scenery and I think Lopez takes too many plays off.
I do like thse bullpen guys though. Majewski has been goof for a couple of years now and Bray is really good. I think Majewski could possibly be our closer in a few weeks, with Guardado setting him up. I also like the Thompson kid they picked up. Baseball America speaks very highly on him and says he could've been in the Nats rotation by 2008. They mention that he needs to bulk up but I think he could be an impact pitcher in a few years. Brendan Harris and Royce Clayton are jus throw ins. I am hoping that Claytons contract expires this year and the Reds can then move Phillips to SS and bring up Olmedo who has done very well in limited time this year. Harris was a third basemen who has been moved to second. He could possibly be a fill in if something happens with Encarnacion. I do like that this gives Denorfia a chance. He does deserve it. I think Krivksy has made a trade that improves us right now and helps our future. Now get rid of LaRue.