Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Germano up-----Yan???

I really like that Germano got the call up. I am concerned to see what is going to happen to him when Yan joins the team tomorrow. I would be more in favor of sending Shackelford back down or releasing Rick White. I think we need to start seeing what we have with these kids in AAA or AA. Krivsky recently said that he doesn't have people skip levels, so they need to get on the move with Coutlangus and get him up here. I think he will be a solid middle relief option for us. Yan is nothing more than another White or Hammond. I don't really see why we made this move. It didn't cost much, other than a roster spot for someone who can help us long term. Yan will not do that. He already has a 6+ ERA. I also have to wonder if Mercker is actually healthy. He has been getting torched since coming off the DL. Keep Germano.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Minors Hitting Against Average

I thought there might be a few people out there that might find this informational beneficial.

Hitting against average

AAA AA High A Low A
Germano-.299 Kelly-.270 Bailey-.198 Wood-.195
Mays-.227 Pelland-.288 LeCure-.238 Fisher-.220
May-.233 Dumatrait-.200 Vazquez-.271 Cueto-.151
Gosling-.277 Valdez-.278 Avery-.267 Ward-.207
Michalak-.274 Chick-.261 Gardner-.231 Valiquette-.304

Chiasson-.243 Shafer-.183 Woody-.218 Hendley-.250

Shearn-.258 Guevara-.190 Bohorquez-.245 Stevens-.266
Wagner-.333 Coutlangus-.169 Edens-.336 Haltiwanger-.235
Standridge-.250 Medlock-.198 Schmidt-.293 Lanier-.162
Robbins-.355 Kozlowski-.237 Lundgren-.347 Manuel
Venafro-.244 Till-.236 Abbott-.273 Ondusek-.185
Salmon-.158 Alvarado-.073 Paduch-.298 Ursin-.286
Hall-.425 Huddy-.326

stats for their current level

Johnny Cueto

This guy has been getting a lot of pub lately so I thought I would do a profile on him. He is a 5'11'', 174 lbs right handed pitcher out of the Dominican Republic. He was signed as a free agent out of the Reds Dominican Academy. He is at the ripe old age of 20. I have not been able to find a whole lot of info on this guy. He was not ranked in Baseball America's 2006 Prospect Handbook. He had a pretty good debut last year in the Reds Rookie league. He does not seem to have a lot of the control issues that young pitchers have. He was promoted to High A ball at the end of last year and did okay in a very small sample size. He has been in Dayton so far this year and has been doing just fine. He is holding opposing hitters to a .159 average, better than Mr. Bailey's even, (.195). He was named the Reds Minor League Pitcher of the Month for April. He went 2-1 with a 3.15 ERA in four starts. What's even better is he fanned 29 while walking only 2. I think with Cueto and some of the other young pitchers in A and AA ball, the Reds might have a pitching plethora a few years down the road. Wouldn't that be nice for a change?

Johnny Cueto
2005 Rk 2 2 5.02 13 6 0 0 1 43.0 49 31 24 2 8 38 1.33
2005 A+ 0 1 3.00 2 1 0 0 0 6.0 5 2 2 0 2 6 1.17
Totals 2 3 4.78 15 7 0 0 1 49.0 54 33 26 2 10 44 1.31

2006 numbers
5 1 2.49 9 9 2 2 0 47.0 25 13 13 4 6 59 .159

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Manuel debut

Robert Manuel made his debut for the Dayton Dragons tonight. It is actually his first game of the season as he was in extended spring training with the Mets. He was not really impressive but I say we give him time. I think Krivsky may have found a diamond in the rough with this one. 4 groundballs, 2 flyballs, in case you were wondering.

               IP H R ER BB SO HR  ERA
Manuel (H, 1) 2.2 2 1 1 0 1 0 3.38

Run Support

I decided to do a little research on run support. It seems to me that we have wasted a few good to great pitching performances due to, for some unknown reason, us not being able to score any runs. I never really thought that would be an issue with this team. I really can't figure out why either. It must be driving Narron mad! I wonder if everyone is going up there just tryiong to crush the ball. I don't think that is the reason because they seem to be playing small ball a little more, which I like. Well here are my findings. Arroyo has losses with 1 run and 2 runs. One of Harang's losses we were shutout and Claussen has 2 losses with 0 runs, 2 with 1 and 1 with only 2 runs. Milton has 1 loss with 0 runs, Ramirez 1 loss with 1 and 1 with 2 and Williams has 1 loss with 0 runs. I hope everyone can follow that. As you can see below, only 2 of our pitchers are under league average for run support, Claussen and Ramirez. Our problem is we will blow someone out and then go 3 or 4 games scoring 1 or 2 runs. This offense should be whipping up on these lesser knowns. As I am writing this we just lost 7-0 to Juan Cruz. Of the over 5 ERA. This should not happen. I'm tired of looking at numbers for the moment. Uggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

League Average for Runs per Game 4.89

Name     Games         Runs Scored   Run Support  Record   ERA        
Arroyo 10 52 5.2 6-2 2.29
Harang 10 66 6.6 5-3 3.82
Claussen 10 34 3.4 3-5 5.25
Milton 5 27 5.4 2-2 5.52
Ramirez 5 18 3.6 2-3 3.72
Williams 8 45 5.6 2-3 7.20

Friday, May 26, 2006

Yanks Looking for a Catcher

Hey Krivsky! Here is our chance. The Yanks do have some good lower level talent that we could take off their hands. Here is our chance to cut one of those heads off our 3 headed monster. Give Cashman a call tonight.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

2006 Prospect Watch

I am going to compile a list of our top prospects out of the 2006 Baseball America Prospect Handbook, with a couple of my favorites thrown in for good measure. I will update as much as possible, hopefully daily. Hopefully you'll see it soon.

So long, Dave Williams

Well, once again I believe Krivsky pulled a fast one on another GM. Poor Omar Minaya. The pitching thin Mets think that Dave Williams might help. Have they not seen any of his games this year? For a team pushing for the pennant, I think this is a crazy move. Although they didn't really give up much, Robert Manuel has a great upside from what I can tell in his small sample size. He does have only 4 walks compared to his 54 strikeouts in his minor league career. Another possible diamond in the rough. I am disappointed though that this is all we have to show for trading Sean Casey. I always thought that we should have been able to get more in the first place. Maybe Ian Snell or something. Well, good luck Mets. He does have another option so if I were you I would stash him away in AAA until he proves he can pitch. They haven't added him to their 40 man, so that looks like that is what they are going to do. I will be wondering what the Reds do with Manuel. Starter or reliever? He has done both and seemed to do well in boh roles. If he starts, someone will need to be promoted. This will start a logjam further up and someone might need to be released along the way.

Update---I heard Krivsky in an interview on 700 before the game on Friday night say that they are going to work him into the rotation in Dayton. Some people are going to have to move around.

Robert Manuel (minor league totals)
8 1 2.04 14 5 0 0 0 0 61.2 60 20 14 3 4 54 1 0 1.04

3 Headed Monster

I have been wondering for a while now about our catching situation. I don't think this team can go the whole season carrying three catchers. I also wish there was a way to find out how consistent these guys can be having a lot of days off. If you look at the numbers below, LaRue should be our regular starting catcher. Valentin's numbers aren't far behind LaRue's with less K's also. However, I have really been impressed with Ross. He isn't going anywhere as long as he is Arroyo's personal catcher and they keep up their current pace. I would also argue that Ross calls a better game than the other two,and that his arm is right up there with LaRue's. I think Krivsky should try to find a trade partner for LaRue. He would save us the most as far as contracts go and I think Valentin's year last year was a little bit of a fluke. He is no more than a back up, and a good one at that. I vote for Ross to become our full-time catcher.

3-Headed Monster Career Averages

G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB SO Avg Obp Slg Ops
Ross 162 406 43 88 18 1 18 47 0 34 130 .217 .288 .406 .694
LaRue 161 512 60 124 30 1 19 71 2 42 149 .243 .326 .421 .747
Valentin 162 441 47 106 21 1 14 60 0 39 81 .241 .302 .397 .699

No posts

Sorry guys. I haven't put anything up for a few days. I have been sick and not really leaving my bed. I have a few things I am working on so hopefully I will start feeling better and get some things up. Thanks for checking out the site. I would also like to congratulate JinAz on the birth of his child. Good times.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Eric Crozier

The Reds have sent Josh Hall to AA-Chattanooga to make room for Joe Mays and to make room for Josh they have released OF Eric Crozier.

Eric Crozier
33 86 13 23  4  1  3  15 38  6 33  1  0 .315 .442 .267

Terrence Long

Terrence Long has been promoted to the Yankees. I think they must be pretty desperate, seeing how we just gave up on the guy a few days ago. He did start to kick it up a notch for the Yankees but it is a very small sample size. I don't see him as a vast improvement over what they already have. They are reaching. He wasn't going to go anywhere with the Reds barring some major injuries, with all of the options that we have and he was definitely behind Denorfia on the depth chart.

Terrence Long
15 48 2 11  3  0  0   6 14  2 10  0  0 .260 .292 .229 AAA-Lou
 4 17 3  6  1  0  1   2 10  2  2  0  0 .421 .588 .353 AAA-Col

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Paul Janish

Paul Janish a 6'2, 180 lbs, right handed shortstop who was drafted by the Reds in the 5th round of the 2004 draft. He was born in October of 1982, which makes him 23 right now. He was drafted out of Rice University where he helped win the College World Championship in 2003. He has hit 93 mph off the mound, but will stick at shortstop. He was ranked 74 out of the top 100 college players coming into the draft. He started out great with the Reds rookie league team in Billings, where he was named Reds MVP of the Instructional League and was ranked the 10th best prospect in the 2004 Baseball America Prospect Handbook. He was promoted to low-A Dayton, where he started in a slump and just as he was starting to come out of it he slid in to first and tore his elbow ligament. He has to have Tommy John surgery and was shut down for the rest of the year. The 2005 handbook also ranks him the best defensive infielder and the best infield arm in the system. He dropped to 14 in the 2006 handbook due primarily to the injury plagued season that he had in 2005. He was still ranked the best defensive infielder, but Adam Rosales was ranked the best infield arm. More on that later. He has been compared to Adam Everett. His bat will never be his strength, he has good plate discipline, but his swing tends to get long and lacks power. He is a very fluid, solid defender.

He has just been promoted to High-A Sarasota where Adam Rosales is also residing. This puts the Reds in a pickle. Rosales was ranked 15 in the 2006 handbook, one spot behind Janish. Rosales is also highly regarded by the team and it will be interesting what they do with both of them in Sarasota. I don't believe Rosales is readfy for AA. Janish was leading the league in AVG and OBP when he was promoted. It will be nice to see what he can do in High-A.

Paul Janish
04 R-Billings 66 205 39 54 11 0 2 22 45 45 7 3 .406 .346 .263
05 A-Dayton 55 208 30 51 10 2 5 29 29 38 5 2 .346 .385 .245
Totals 121 413 69 105 21 2 7 51 74 83 12 5 .355 .366 .254

06 A-Dayton 26 98 19 39 6 0 5 18 7 10 0 0 .435 .612 .398

Are the Reds looking at my site?

Hey out there! Sorry I haven't put anything up in a couple of days, but I haven't been feeling that well. I wonder if someone told Krivsky about my site, (this is totally tongue in cheek), cause I mentioned keeping Ramirez up here cause he totally deserves to be over Williams and I mentioned picking up Mays also. I do believe that Mays shouldn't be on our major league roster until he can prove he is capable at AAA. This pickup doesn't cost us a thing, which I think is good. I am sorry to see Buchanon go. He had a great spring but just couldn't put it together at AAA. I will hopefully be posting a new prospect profile tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Possible pick ups

Just a couple of guys that are on the scrapheap right now, having just been released by their perspective clubs. Mays would have been in the top 10 in the league in groundball to flyball ratio had he pitched enough to qualify. If the Royals infield defense is not significantly better this season, with Mays’ extremely low strikeout rate this could make Lima’s 2005 not look so bad. He has struggled with his command, but could help us in long relief. He was also an All-Star in 2001, so he can put it together. Maybe a change of scenery guy. His very high groundball to flyball rate would look great at GABP. Obermueller I'm not so sure about but I thought I would include him. Atlanta was trying to sell his contract to Japan but something fell through. Also struggles with his command a little but I would take either of these guys over Hammond and White at this point and it wouldn't cost us much. We could possibly get Mays on a minor league deal since KC still owes him a million.

Joe Mays
o6 Zips 5 10 5.49 29 23 136.0 169 83 19 39 47
06 stats 0 4 10.27 6 6 23.2 38 27 7 14 9
Career 48 69 4.98 199 152 970.0 1090 537 134 317 496

Wes Obermueller
           W  L   ERA   G  GS   INN    H  ER  HR  BB   K
06 Zips 6 9 5.06 31 23 160.0 174 90 18 66 85
06 AAA 0 2 2.45 2 2 11.0 12 3 1 3 4
Career 9 19 5.65 62 41 256.1 307 161 35 105 131

Reds Current Starters Zip Projections
Harang 12 9 4.21 29 29 184.0 190 86 21 48 140
Claussen 9 12 4.85 28 28 156.0 161 84 21 61 123
Ramirez 7 9 5.01 28 24 151.0 181 84 24 29 83
Wilson 6 9 5.22 25 25 150.0 171 87 22 51 89
Williams 6 11 5.50 26 25 131.0 138 80 21 61 96
Milton 7 14 5.55 33 33 188.0 213 116 38 59 132
Belisle 7 8 4.73 40 19 135.0 145 71 16 47 92
Arroyo 11 9 4.09 33 30 185.0 188 84 19 48 130

Reds Minors Possible Starters Zip Projections
Germano 8 11 5.02 29 28 165.0 185 92 29 40 124
Standridge 6 7 5.12 36 16 116.0 128 66 13 52 70
Hall 6 8 5.16 27 27 157.0 174 90 19 63 106
Gosling 5 9 5.22 30 24 138.0 149 80 19 57 89

P.S. Rob Stratton has signed with the Yankees
and is now playing for AAA Columbus.
3 13 1 3 1 0 0 3 4 0 5 0 0 .214 .308 .231

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Louisville Players of the Month

Denorfia and Michalak earned these awards this last month. I think Denorfia doesn't have much more to prove in AAA but with our logjam, I'm not sure what they are going to do. And with Cody Ross being Krivskys guy, they really are stuck. McCracken should go and will have to to make room for Ross or we loose him to waivers. Michalak is another story. I think he needs to get a shot at a rotation spot if there is another injury. He is doing pretty well in AAA but has never shown much in the majors.

Game Thoughts - 5-16

This team needs a roster shake up bad. I'm not suggesting anything serious. Just a little manuevering. The bullpen needs to be dealt with, either within or outside of our system. Anyone on the 40 man should be fair game to bring up. I think everyone already knows how I feel about Coutlangus. I think Gosling could be an improvement also. As of right now, I would like to see a bullpen of Weathers, Belisle, Ramirez, Coffey, Gosling and possibly Coutlangus at least until Mercker comes off the DL. I think Burns showed a little of what he is capable of tonight. He does pound the strike zone, almost to a fault. He proceeded to load up the bases and somehow was able to wiggle out of trouble. This is typical for him. I am also hoping that when Aurilia comes back, this offense will pick up. They also have to decide what to do when Cody Ross is going to have to be called up. He has hit 3 homers in just 9 games in AAA. He might just be another great pick up by Krivsky. What a great talent evaluator. They are going to have to make some decisions. I wouldn't mind if McCracken went away but I'm not sure if management feels the same way. I would also like to see David Ross getting some more playing time. He has come up with some great pinch hit at bats and I think might do better offensively with more regular playing time. He is our best offensive weapon at catcher and for some reason this team needs to have its best hitters in every game. We have got to get out of this funk!!! 4 L's in a row.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Jay Garthwaite

Jay Garthwaite was born in 1980, which makes him 25 right now, which also right away makes him a little old for how far he has reached in the minors. The Reds claimed him off waivers so he didn't really cost us anything. He is a 6-2, 215 lbs, OF who has played all OF positions. He started out as a right fielder who could play center if he had to. He has done that in short stints, but he is now listed as a left fielder. He has descent speed for his size, but an average arm. He was drafted by the A's in round 12 in 1999 but decided to go to the University of Washington. He was then selected by the Diamondbacks in the 14th round of the 2002 draft. Baseball America ranked him 19th in their 2004 issue. They think hecould show 30 homer power in majors, but is very raw. He was also a football player and is still picking up the game. They also mention that he is a consumate pro and has great character. He is not ranked in any of their other issues but did get a mention in their 2006 handbook for leading the Diamondbacks in K's with 131. Not a good sign.

I believe he might have turned a corner this year. He did not fair well with a promotion to AA. I don't know if he is ever going to help the big team out and if he did it would be as a fourth or fifth outfielder. He definitely needs work on his plate discipline as it seems he is getting worse with each promotion. He did just hit for the cycle last week. If he is ever going to make it to the bigs I think he is going to have to make a move very soon.

Minor League numbers
Year L    G   AB   R   H  2B 3B HR RBI SB CS  BB  SO  AVG
2002 A-  14   51   6   9   5  0  1   3  0  0   3  12 .176
2002 A   46  162  21  40  10  2  2  18  2  2  11  62 .247
2002 A+   7   11   2   4   0  0  1   3  0  0   2   7 .364
2003 A+ 113  437  82 130  33  2 22  87  3  5  30  97 .297
2004 A+  63  238  49  74  17  3 12  41  5  3  17  55 .311
2004 AA  42  122   9  23   5  2  2  13  2  0   5  37 .189
2005 A+ 124  487  81 146  36  4 21 102  1  3  33 131 .300
Totals  409 1508 250 426 106 13 61 267 13 13 101 401 .282

2006 Minor League numbers currently in Sarasota High A
28 117 15 32  8  2  6  19 62  2 34  3  1 .292 .530 .274

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Game Thoughts 5-14 P.S. Why Mike Burns?

I don't really have much to say about todays game except for what happened to our offense. Once again we wasted a good pitching performance from Claussen. These young guys need to go out thinking that if they can get a few runs and only give up a few they have a great chance to win. Right now I would have to wonder about the confidence of our pitchers in our offense. I cannot wait for Aurilia to come off the DL. Well enough of that. On to other things.

Why Mike Burns? When I heard this I was confused. Didn't we just give this guy an audition and he realy screwed it up? I think this guy has proven that he is a AAAA player. Baseball Think Factory thinks he is nothing more than a journeyman. He is fair as far as flyball/groundball goes, which is good in our ballpark. They also think he has done much better since being converted to full time relief.

He has been doing a good job in AAA but I predict he will fall apart again. I remember him starting out the season pretty well and then he started getting torched and I think that will happen again. I would have rather called up someone else on the 40 man and see what they could have done. We have seen this guy. I also think if he fails this time he will be released. He was a waiver wire pick up and didn't cost us much. We do have other options on the 40 man. Gosling, Germano, Dumatrait, Chick, and Wagner. Wagner has been doing horrible and I think it might still be too early for Dumatrait and Chick but I would have liked to see any of the other guys. Gosling would have given them another lefty since we lost Mercker. I like Gosling and I don't think he got enough of a view in the Majors this year. He had a decent Spring Training. I would have brought him up.

2006 Major League totals
8.1 0-0 0 7.56 5 3

2006 Minor League totals
1 0 1.84 9 0 0 0 0 14.2 11 3 3 1 2 17

2006 Zip Projection (Mike Burns)
3 4 54 0 63 64 33 10 18 50 4.71

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Game Thoughts 5-13

Wow. What an offense we have. We have wasted 2 pretty good pitching performances from our 2 worst starters. I mean, if we could get from Ramirez and Williams what we have gotten out of them in their last 2 starts, I think everyone would be happy. And this team is seriously missing Aurilia. We need him in our lineup. He is so undervalued on this team. Just had to get that off my chest. I was impressed with Hamels yesterday night, it makes me wonder what Homer could do. Hamels is going to be good for years to come. I'm not sure if he was having first game jitters but he is going to have to work on his command. He does have a good delivery. Very smooth and he copies it well. I'm not sure what we are going to do when Aurilia comes off the DL this week. My guess is Olmedo is gone although he has done well in his brief appearances. Then what happens when Uncle Milty comes back. I would like to see us move Elizardo to the pen and release White or Hammond. I doubt this would happen, but one can hope. A rotation of Harang, Arroyo, Milton, Claussen and Williams, I could live with. Or flip-flop Williams and Ramirez and put Williams in the pen. That would also give us some options in long relief because Belisle still makes me nervous. Really, I just want to see White and Hammond off our roster.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Jon Coutlangus

Well this is my first attempt at a prospect profile and I have quickly discovered that it is alot hard to find good statistical information on minor leaguers than major leaguers. So for anyone who has seen JinAz's player profiles, which I would definitely recommend checking out, these won't be anywhere near as good as those.

Jon Coutlangus was born in 1980 which would make him 26 right now, which I am thinking is kinda old for AA. He is 6-1, 1851. He was drafted as an outfielder by Milwaukee in the 33rd round in 2000, but did not sign. He then went to school at the University of South Carolina and was selected by the San Francisco Giants in the 2003 draft, 19th round, as an outfielder. He was made a left handed pitcher after his batting average plummeted in his second minor league year. He was put on San Franciscos 40 man roster, but released him before the 2006 season. Wayne Krivsky decided to take a flyer on this guy and was one of his first signings. John Sickels ranked Jon number 16, a C+, on his top 20 Giants prospects. He did mention that they do have a fairly weak farm system. Baseball America ranked him 20 in their 2006 Prospect Handbook. He wasn't ranked in any o their previous issues, although in their 2003 draft analysis he was rated the fastest runner with a 55 on the scouts 20-80 scale.

Year Team Level W L ERA G SV IP H ER HR BB SO AVG.
04 Giants R 0 0 0.00 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 .250
05 San Jose A 4 0 3.04 50 3 77 64 26 3 29 79 .234
Career 4 0 3.00 51 3 78 65 26 3 29 79 .234

This years numbers from AA-Chattanooga as of 5-14-06
1 0 1.33 16 2 20.1 8 3 0 10 20

Zip Projection (for major leagues, could be better in minors)
Coutlangus 2 2 4.67 50 0 79.0 80 41 10 27 53

I believe Coutlangus was an excellent pickup by Krivsky. He didn't cost us anything, except a spot on our 40 man. If he keeps pitching as expected, he should definitely be a September call up and could be a key addition in our playoff push. Keep an eye on this guy.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


We really squeeked by with that win. What about Jr? Put all those doubters at ease. I looked over at my wife and said, "If Griffey hits this out they win." That was awesome. And did everyone see Griffey play with Kearns' ears and vice versa? That was hilarious. Also, what are we doing wasting roster spots on Hammond and White? We need to get some of these youngsters up here and break them in. We have plenty of AAA and AA players that could fill their roles. Coutlangus is on the 40 man and has been doing a great job in AA. I will try to profile him soon. Anyways, very encouraged with this win. We fought back and beat a team we should have beat.

Jr. off the DL

Well folks, it finally happened. Jr. is off the DL and some might say just in time. The offense has been struggling and he WILL make everyone better. This WILL make the bench better and the lineup produce more. Almost everyones AVG has dropped since he went on the DL, (except Kearns, Aurilia and Phillips), and I think this has definitely shown that Freel is not an everyday player. As for switching positions, I think that is crazy. Griff is the best CF on this team, although I would like to see what Denorfia could do every day. Leave him in center, leave Dunn in left and keep the platoon between Hatteberg and Aurilia going at first. This team was clicking big time when Griff was in the lineup and will click again.

My first post

Hello to anyone who might read this. My name is Daryl and I love the Reds. I hope that you might enjoy this blog. I am going to be focusing more on the Reds farm system and up and coming Reds. I will also be discussing all things Reds, such as Jr. coming off the DL today. Thank you for checking this out and let me know what you would like to see.