Friday, May 12, 2006

Jon Coutlangus

Well this is my first attempt at a prospect profile and I have quickly discovered that it is alot hard to find good statistical information on minor leaguers than major leaguers. So for anyone who has seen JinAz's player profiles, which I would definitely recommend checking out, these won't be anywhere near as good as those.

Jon Coutlangus was born in 1980 which would make him 26 right now, which I am thinking is kinda old for AA. He is 6-1, 1851. He was drafted as an outfielder by Milwaukee in the 33rd round in 2000, but did not sign. He then went to school at the University of South Carolina and was selected by the San Francisco Giants in the 2003 draft, 19th round, as an outfielder. He was made a left handed pitcher after his batting average plummeted in his second minor league year. He was put on San Franciscos 40 man roster, but released him before the 2006 season. Wayne Krivsky decided to take a flyer on this guy and was one of his first signings. John Sickels ranked Jon number 16, a C+, on his top 20 Giants prospects. He did mention that they do have a fairly weak farm system. Baseball America ranked him 20 in their 2006 Prospect Handbook. He wasn't ranked in any o their previous issues, although in their 2003 draft analysis he was rated the fastest runner with a 55 on the scouts 20-80 scale.

Year Team Level W L ERA G SV IP H ER HR BB SO AVG.
04 Giants R 0 0 0.00 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 .250
05 San Jose A 4 0 3.04 50 3 77 64 26 3 29 79 .234
Career 4 0 3.00 51 3 78 65 26 3 29 79 .234

This years numbers from AA-Chattanooga as of 5-14-06
1 0 1.33 16 2 20.1 8 3 0 10 20

Zip Projection (for major leagues, could be better in minors)
Coutlangus 2 2 4.67 50 0 79.0 80 41 10 27 53

I believe Coutlangus was an excellent pickup by Krivsky. He didn't cost us anything, except a spot on our 40 man. If he keeps pitching as expected, he should definitely be a September call up and could be a key addition in our playoff push. Keep an eye on this guy.


At 9:42 AM, Anonymous DevilsAdvocate said... has always been my go-to source for minor-leaguers' historical stats. Current-year stats can be found at You may also want to bookmark the amazing 'minor-league split stats' project over at Brew Crew Ball, if you haven't already.

Coutlangus' birthday is not until Oct. 21, 1980, which means this is his age-25 season. Still a little old for AA, but from his early stats he's definitely outperforming the level.

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Brian B. said...

Not only is he old for AA, but he's a bit overweight at "6-1, 1851". I mean, that's HUGE!

At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative.

At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he may be 6-1 and 185, but trust me, he's in no way overweight.

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous UT Catcher said...

Jon is a big leager now, he knows how to get people out. He is ready NOW!

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

coot is my boy


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