Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Bye Bye Bullpen

I think it is official. I do trust in Krivsky and I am sure he must be working the phones to find some relief help but this bullpen needs to be dumped and started over from scratch. I pretty much think we should keep Belisle, Coffey and Claussen in the bullpen. If Claussen has options I send him back down but I don't believe that he does. I also don't think we should give up on Standridge as he hasn't done anything wrong yet. I also think that Coffey needs to be moved back into the set up role. I don't know who then becomes our closer. I'm not sure that person is in the organization right now. I'm also not sure who is available on the market but Krivsky needs to get on the horn and not pick up these waiver wire dumps and trade one of our catchers or middle infielders and get some relief help. I am sick of seeing this good starting pitching performances blown by a bad offende or a bad bullpen. I would hate to be a starter on this team. I was pleasantly surprised by Mays performance tonight and think that this is what we will get from him pretty much all the time. He is going to allow a lot of hits. He is going to let people get on base. I think with our vaunted offense that we can outscore our opponents.

I am also excited to see our rookie leagues get going. I am going to really try to focus on these clubs and on our newer draftees. Both teams won their first games. Billings really lit up Great Falls. Michael McKennon has 7 rbis and Daniel Guerrero got the win by pitching 6 innings of 1 run ball while walking none and striking out 3. Drew Stubbs was 1 for 2 with a walk and a strikeout. He was also hit by a pitch twice. This is going to be a team to watch. Lots of good pick ups out of this years draft that are going to contribute I believe. Watch out for Logan Parker also. He was our pick from the University of Cincinnati that is a first basemen. The GCL team started yesterday also and guess who got the win. Richie Gardner. He pitched 3 innings of relief with 1 hit and 2 strikeouts with no walks. Now that sounds great, but he is way old for this league and should dominate it. He needs to make hay here and be promoted right away. He must prove his worth now.


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