Sunday, June 18, 2006

White's Gone :-)

Thank God. I hate for someone to lose their job, but he just wasn't performing. I do think this is just the beginning. I am confused by the Standridge call up. I know that Krivsky doesn't like for people to skip levels. He has said so in the past. So I knew my preferred call up, Coutlangus, would not be coming up, but I would think since we were opening up a spot on the 40 man that we might use it on someone that we have not seen before. I think we pretty much know what we are going to get out of Standridge. His numbers have been pretty good in Louisville this year and I am wondering if he might be a spot starter depending on what we get out of Mays and what happens with Belisle and Claussen. Standridge has started in the past. There are a few other people on the Louisville roster I would have rather seen brought up. I think Tom Shearn, Brad Salmon, Scott Chiasson or Mike Venafro deserve a shot. Venafro has big league experience and has been doing very well down in AAA. This team is going to have some decisions to make once everyone is healthy. I think we will probably see the end of Burns once Belisle comes back. I think we are going to have to trade one of our catchers once Edwin is healthy, preferably LaRue if we can get someone to take that contract. I don't know who would. We are going to have to eat some of it, which I am okay with. We need to make some changes. This homestand was pretty terrible. I was at the game today and it was disgusting watching our bullpen and hearing the crowd chanting, "Lets go White Sox." I was glad to hear about the White move after the game and hopefully we will do something else. I think Burns, Yan and Mercker should be let go. Someone might take Mercker off our hands but I think the other 2 will just be DFA'd. In a related note, the Reds have updated their rosters for their GCL Reds and Billings teams. Milton Loo will be in Billings. I am excited to see what he can do there. If the Reds are possibly thinking about moving Edwin across the diamond Loo could be the long term replacement at 3rd. I am excited to see these rookies perform and see what Krivsky has brought into this organization. In Krivsky I trust.


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