Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Krivsky I trust

Well....I said this a few months ago and I guess now it is time to actually put faith into action. At first I hated this trade. Kearns is my favorite Red. I think we will hate the day we traded him, unless of course this group of players takes us to the playoffs, and possible World Series. Kearns will be an All-Star in the future. I knew someone would be traded, and someone that I might not necessarily want to see go and I was hoping it was Dunn. I think Kearns is a better overall player than Dunn. Oh well. I don't really care about Lopez or Wagner. Wagner may just need a change of scenery and I think Lopez takes too many plays off.
I do like thse bullpen guys though. Majewski has been goof for a couple of years now and Bray is really good. I think Majewski could possibly be our closer in a few weeks, with Guardado setting him up. I also like the Thompson kid they picked up. Baseball America speaks very highly on him and says he could've been in the Nats rotation by 2008. They mention that he needs to bulk up but I think he could be an impact pitcher in a few years. Brendan Harris and Royce Clayton are jus throw ins. I am hoping that Claytons contract expires this year and the Reds can then move Phillips to SS and bring up Olmedo who has done very well in limited time this year. Harris was a third basemen who has been moved to second. He could possibly be a fill in if something happens with Encarnacion. I do like that this gives Denorfia a chance. He does deserve it. I think Krivksy has made a trade that improves us right now and helps our future. Now get rid of LaRue.