Monday, July 31, 2006

Trade deadline post

First off, I feel like I need to apologize to everyone for not posting lately. I have not been feeling good and have spent a lot of time in bed lately. I have not been able to follow through on some of the things I have wanted to do but I am hopeful in doing those soon.

I am going to examine these trades seperately. I like the trade for Cormier. I do wish we wouldn't have given up Germano given our relative lack of pitching depth. I thought he could be our 5th starter down the stretch and now that looks like that could be Lohse. I wish we would've given up Burns, Michalak or Gosling cause it seems like none of these guys have a future in our organization, while Germano is still young and I believe held his own in his first major league start. Cormier is much older but has the best ERA in the NL at the moment. I think he is basically Mercker, which makes me wonder about Merckers health and what we do when he and Belisle and Claussen come off the DL. I guess we say goodbye to Shackelford and Standridge. Another guy out there is Balfour, but I'm not sure what is going on with him. I guess I need to check on that.

Now to the Lohse deal. I have liked him for some time now and think he is the definitive change of scenery guy. He has done much better since being demoted and being brought back up and pitching in the pen. I think he is going to be in our rotation or Belisle. It seems as though Belisle hasn't done well in the rotation if I remember correctly. It seems as though he has always done better out of the pen.

Well those are my thoughts. I like both of these trades. I do wish we could have kept both of the guys we gave up but it seems like this was a rough market to try to deal with. So far, with all of these moves that Krivsky has made, the only one that I really don't like is getting rid of Cody Ross. He would look really good as our 4th outfielder right now. Mays was a flyer as was Yan and they didn't cost us much. I do wish we would just release Mays. I would hate to think he has a future with us. I am very thankful that Krivsky didn't trade the farm for anyone. We still have all of our top prospects, (except Germano, who was a middle tier prospect anyway), including Votto who I thought was going to be gone after the Hatteberg resigning. I am glad to see Votto here and I hope he gets a September callup, although I'm not sure he will.

This is an exciting time to be a Reds fan. Under the previous regime, I'm not sure anything happens today. In Krivsky I trust. Go Reds!!!